1 Holder’s Web Site ID

The owner of www.marketprofileltd.com (hereinafter the Website) is the company Market Profile Ltd. and contact email administration@marketprofileltd.com


2 Subject

This document regulates navigation and the use of the Website as well as the relationship between users and the Owner. The advanced course of forex fundamental news trading and volume and Market Profile Ltd. structures is offered to users through the Web Site www.marketprofileltd.com.


3 Protection of personal data

The Website Owner guarantees the confidentiality of personal data provided by users and automated processing according to the legislation on protection of personal data, in particular the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December Protection of Personal Data and its implementing regulation RD 1720/2007 of December 21 and all European and Spanish legislation applicable to this matter. The personal data provided through the Web Site will be included in a file owned by Market Profile Ltd., duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


The Web site www.marketprofileltd.com provides the ability for users who are legally of age to purchase the advanced course forex trading fundamental news, volume and Market Profile ltd.structures through the section “buy” for the purpose of Market Profile Ltd. The purchase requires providing the following personal information: Name, Surname, Email, Phone, Address, City, State, Country and Postal Code.


The personal data provided by themselves must be of their own, truthful and updated, having the users themselves the responsibility of bring them up to date. In case of lost or forgotten passwords, they can be retrieved by following the instructions provided for that purpose.


The purchase implies the acceptance of these conditions and, in particular, the submission of the data provided to the following treatment purposes: market research of own and third-party products, contact, statistical purposes or attention to specific requests issued by the interested party. In no case personal data will be transferred or provided to other companies, persons or entities without the express consent of the user.


You can contact us by web form or email available in the area Contact the Website, for which you will need to provide your name, surname and contact email. The purpose of the processing of these data on the Owner’s part will be only to contact and supply the requested information. The user expressly accepts, by the fact of purchasing, that their data will be used for web promotions www.marketprofileltd.com and third parties connected to it.


  1. Exercise of rights

The personal data provided through the Web Site are included in a notice to the General Registry of the Spanish Data Protection Agency and whose holder is the file owner.


Customers whose data are collected may exercise rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by the web contact form or email available in the Contact area of the Website.

  1. Information about cookies, activity files and access statistics.

It is noted that the Web site uses cookies; that is, small text files that store data to facilitate user navigation. It is possible to configure simple and free browser in order to eliminate or prevent the installation of cookies.


You may refuse the treatment of the data or information rejecting the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser in the same way as indicated in the previous paragraph; however, you should know that, in doing so, you may be unable to use the full functionality of this website.



The website owner will not be responsible www.marketprofileltd.com for:


1.-Incidents that may occur with advertisers.

  1. Faults that occur in the operation of the Website or the plug-in for a bad use of it.

3.-Virus or malware that can enter the user’s PC through the various links on the Web for not having adequate protection for that purpose.


The Owner does not guarantee the availability and continuity of the operation of the Website or those other web sites that link to it. Likewise, it shall in no event be liable for damages arising, inter alia, lack of availability or accessibility, suitable for the specific needs of users.


4 Intellectual and Industrial Property

The owner has the necessary exploitation rights on the elements and contents that form or are in the Website www.marketprofileltd.com. It is allowed for users to employ website content only for the purposes for which it was designed as well as those with informational or educational purposes, provided the source is acknowledged.


The claims filed by users in relation to possible breaches of intellectual rights over any of the contents of this Web Site property should contact the email address specified in the contact information herein.


5 Law and Jurisdiction

Disputes arising from the use of the Web Site or the interpretation and application of these terms are governed by Spanish law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Valladolid, Spain




General conditions of sale:



About these Terms and Conditions

  • These “Terms and Conditions” are part of the agreement between Forex4inv and the Customer, and exclude the application of any other, unless they have expressly agreed by writing between the client and Forex4inv.


  • These Terms, together with (1) the Service Offerings, and / or (2) Product or service descriptions and (3) the price fixed for the products and services the customer is ready to buy, constitute the entire Agreement between Forex4inv and the Client. This Agreement is binding and the client must ensure that he/she understands and accepts its contents.


  • This Agreement applies all our customers; however some of its clauses are specifically for Consumers and others to not Consumers.


1.4 This Agreement is drawn up in order to comply with all mandatory provisions concerning the right of consumers, however in case of doubt or uncertainty these rights will prevail on what was provided in these Terms and Conditions.


1.5 The conditions contained herein shall apply to the purchase of products or services depending on the nature of the contract with each client.





Client: Individual or company who buys or agrees to buy the Advanced Forex course Forex4inv. Support services will be hired with the respective authors of the course (if there actually are and the service is active), being responsible for the support service the aforementioned authors, whether the hiring has been done by the Forex4inv platform or not.


Conditions: These Terms.


Order Confirmation: Confirmation purchase Page by Paypal.



Demand / orders and changes



2.1 All orders for Goods and / or Services will be considered an offer by the Customer to purchase the Products and / or Services subject to these Conditions.


2.2Forex4inv accepts the Customer’s offer to purchase subject to these Terms by sending Customer an Order Confirmation. The Customer is  responsible for verifying the Order Confirmation and should contact administracion@forex4inv.com shortly in case he/she notices any errors or inaccuracies. Otherwise, Forex4inv will proceed to production and delivery of the product or providing the service in accordance with the Order Confirmation, which will be binding.



Price and payment terms


3.1 The price that the customer has to pay is the one that comes on the set of Forex4inv Order Confirmation and the invoice.


3.2 Transfer using Paypal and credit card payment is adopted as a means of payment.


3.3 Payment will be made prior to delivery of course, or when it had been agreed in writing, within 72 hours of the invoice date. Forex4inv will not proceed with delivery of the Products until the receipt of full payment.



3.4 In any event, assuming that Forex4inv should proceed to a refund of the payment made by the customer, refund fees will be paid by the Customer.



4/5. delivery


5.1 The date of delivery specified in the Order Confirmation is estimated, which may be altered to attend legally justified circumstances.


5.2 The place of delivery will be the email client, provided by him/herself through a personalized downloadable.


5.3 For practical reasons, the courses will be delivered in parts in several videos.



5.4 Delivery of the advanced course Forex4inv will be made within 3 working days after the payment made, unless specifically been agreed within other delivery payment.


5.4 If the estimated delivery time could not be fulfilled the customer will be contacted to be informed about a new revised delivery. If the Consumer does not accept this new revised delivery period and the delivery does not occur within 3 working days specified, the Customer may cancel the order obtaining the refund of the amounts that he/she had paid.





Ownership and Risk


6.1 The transfer of ownership of the Products the Customer will occur once Foerx4inv has received full payment of the price. Nevertheless, it is absolutely forbidden the diffusion or cession (transfer) of the products. In any case, the rights of ownership and intellectual property over the products will be subject to the current legislation in Spain.


6.2 The risk of loss or damage to the Product passes to the Customer or representative thereof from the time of receipt.


6.3 An anti-piracy system will be installed in all videos consisting in a watermark or some other system in which the following data will be consigned: Customer’s full name in watermark mode, semitransparent, which will appear in the received videos.


7-Acceptance and cancellation of the order, the right of withdrawal of Consumers.


7.1 The Customer must notify Forex4inv as soon as the customer receives the order about any loss, failure or damage that would have occurred in the delivered Product or packs.


7.2 In all returns, the Products should be available for collection as and when they are reasonably required by Forex4inv.

Consumer Withdrawal and Consumer Law

7.4: The right of withdrawal in case of acquisition of video, digital training or provision of equivalent services is not recognized. The provision of the goods is made in electronic format, unsealed way, so that consumers are informed that their purchase or subscription involves the loss of the right of withdrawal provided for in Article 103.m of Royal Legislative Decree.

Consumers may cancel the order without giving any reason within 24 hours of receipt of order. Products to be returned undamaged Forex4inv, running the Consumer with all the risks and in the same packaging in which they were delivered. Forex4inv will refund the price minus all the expenses caused by the return and damage to the product within 30 days of receipt of the Product; also it will be deducted from the refund price any reasonable amount for any loss or damage to the Product caused by the acts or omissions of Customer.



Warranty and Services


8.1 Forex4inv will fulfill their obligations to repair and / or replacement of the Products. These obligations are conditioned upon proper use of the Products and do not cover any part thereof which have been modified or repaired without the prior written consent of Forex4inv.


8.2 The scope of the obligations of Forex4inv shall be as specified in the Offer Service.


8.3 Forex4inv will not be liable for those defects which are caused by an external cause.


8.4The Services may be provided electronically or through the Internet when appropriate. Emails can be kept for training purposes. The Customer shall treat with Forex4inv with reasonable courtesy, providing necessary information and cooperation to enable the Service from Forex4inv, and shall pay for all telephone and postal expenses incurred when contacting Forex4inv.

8.5 In the case any video is faulty Forex4inv shall send it through the same telematic means.


8.7 Forex4inv  will acquire the Ownership of substituted products or components that have been replaced during the repair.


8.9 The Products, Software & Services sold will correspond to specifications without prejudice to the provisions in clause 3.4 of the General Conditions.



8.10 These Terms constitute the entire warranties, express or implied, for the condition, quality, durability, performance or marketability of products, but it may be expressly agreed in writing a different scope thereof. Customers No Consumers shall relinquish the Civil Code regime for hidden defects. The provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to the provision of services when it is evident from the content itself.



8.12 Legal or Compliance Assurance. Forex4inv warrants that the Products sold will be suitable for general use in a domestic, non-business and scientific environment consistent with their nature, specifications, features and operational performance standards described in the Product description. The fitness for use, or any environment should be explicitly and clearly agreed (preferably in writing) …………… .con before purchase.

The videos will be delivered in AVi format, easily reproducible in domestic environment, except for clients who previously specified they wanted to receive them in a different format (supported formats: AVI, MP4, WMV y MOV)

8.13 Forex4inv repair, or in the event that the repair could not be done, it will replace the defective Product within a reasonable period and with due diligence in accordance with current regulations on consumer rights.


8.14 None of the provisions contained in this clause shall limit the legal rights of consumers and therefore should be interpreted in accordance with the law and specifically in relation to the rights of repair and / or replacement during the period established by law.



In addition to the products (video) marketed by Forex4inv.com, there is also the possibility of hiring the applicable support of these videos by corresponding authors thereof.

The support service will therefore given as follows:

1) Forex4inv only distributes the “advanced forex course on trading fundamental news, volume and structures”, not including support but facilitates contact between author and client if the latter wishes to acquire access to a private forum to address questions.

2) The recruitment will stand out as a private agreement between author and client. Forex4inv only provides the environment for such an agreement but rejects any liability for this service.

3) Support may only be contracted having previously acquired the advanced forex course.

In no event Forex4inv.com will be responsible for providing the support, or have any responsibility in their provision, or in the conditions or effectiveness of the providing of the service, such liability to be borne by the respective external collaborators.




Force Majeure


Neither party shall be liable for failure due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control (force majeure) including a simple list of strikes, terrorist acts, war, transportation problems, supply or production, exchange rate fluctuations, governmental actions, legislative changes or natural disasters. In these cases or similar cases, either party shall have a reasonable extension of time for the performance of its obligations; however, if the situation lasts longer than 60 days, either party has the right to terminate without compensation prior written notice.





Forex4inv not be liable to its customers for:


(i) Loss resulting from any defect or deficiency in Products or Services which Forex4inv had solved in reasonable time;


(ii) Indirect losses such as loss of business, revenue, profits, wages, data, or savings;


(iii) Losses which could have been avoided by the Customer following reasonable instructions or the recommendations proposed by Forex4inv;


(iv) Losses arising as a result of the use of Forex4inv materials supplied or specified by the Customer or by following their instructions.


(v) Incidents arising from third party services not directly charged by Forex4inv, although they are directly or closely related to the products or services of Forex4inv as a supplier.


Privacy Policy


All those personal data obtained by Forex4inv Clients will be treated and processed in accordance with all applicable laws and in accordance with the Forex4inv Privacy Policy. Forex4inv may share this information with others …… ???? .. agents, or subcontractors performing services to Forex4inv with the consent of the data if required. The Customer consents to the processing of their personal data in accordance with the provisions above.





Each party must treat all information received from the other party and which is marked as confidential in the same way it would treat its own confidential information generally, but in any case with a minimum in the degree of reasonable care.


The Customer is informed that the subscription or purchase of audiovisual material is for strictly personal use, expressly forbidding dissemination or reproduction. Each material for this purpose has codes and watermarks for the location of the source media. The Customer is informed that the breach of this confidentiality will afford him the obligation to cover the payment of damages; the amount paid is estimated at 50 times by the Client (equivalent to 26,000 USD) for the content unlawfully distributed.





Either party may terminate the contract if the other party: (i) fails  substantially or repeatedly these Conditions and fails to remedy such breach within 30 days after written request to do so; or (ii) it is declared insolvent or became unable to meet its obligations to pay due amounts. Forex4inv may immediately terminate this contract by written notice if the Customer: (i) fails to pay the price at the agreed date; or (ii) if you violate or Forex4inv reasonably suspects that you have violated the Export Control laws.



Governing Law and Jurisdiction


The Spanish law shall be applicable. If any part or provision of these Terms is held invalid by a court, the remainder shall continue in force for the parties. All notices between the parties shall be submitted in writing to the legal representative of the other party at the address specified on the invoice.